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North Devon Maritime Museum Appledore

Odun Road, Appledore, Devon, EX39 1PT

For more information or to arrange a visit, please contact Lynne Fletcher on 01237 474876 or



Victorian Schoolroom Project



School classes, youth groups and adult groups are all welcome to visit our Victorian School, at any time of year, regardless of museum opening. The school is run by an experienced volunteer, who will agree a programme and fee before your visit.


We have found that teachers/organisers appreciate the opportunity of a preliminary visit, to see what is on offer. We are pleased to arrange a free visit to both the Maritime Museum and the Victorian Classroom to plan a programme, but please let us know in reasonable time. Alternatively,  this can be discussed with our volunteer by phone.


Each group should be accompanied by their teacher for the duration of the visit. It is helpful if a member of staff/parent sits with pupils who require support with activities. We encourage staff/parents to participate in the 'Victorian Experience'. There are pinafores for the girls, and waistcoats or jackets and collars for the boys. There are also a few costumes for staff/parents. Some schools encourage their pupils to wear 'Victorian' or dark coloured clothing.


We encourage the taking of photographs or the use of a camcorder, but please do not distract the Victorian teacher. Particular photo opportunities include caning, writing with quills, and performing on the musical instrument.

Information for Teachers



Our experienced volunteer will act as a Victorian teacher.


The children will be 'Victorian children' for the duration of the visit. No talking etc. They will write on slates and with quills and steel pens and ink. They will handle Imperial money, experience learning by rote and try Copperplate handwriting.


Artefacts from the original Appledore School Museum cupboard will be handled and the youngest may play with our selection of Victorian toys.


Items in the schoolroom will be talked about and differences between 'Then' and 'Now' discussed.


Pictures of Queen Victoria and her family will be shown and talked about.

The children may visit the Victorian Kitchen in the Museum and we supply Quiz sheets for the children to complete.


Suggested Time Allowance: Victorian Classroom  1 – 2hrs, Maritime Museum 30 – 45mins, or as required


Some groups prefer a visit focused on World War 2, in which case there will be no dressing up. Please ask for details.




Cars and minibuses may be parked in the Odun Road Pay & Display Car Park, which is opposite the North Devon Maritime Museum.

Pupils should disembark from the coaches at the entrance to Odun Road. Coaches may park at the Quay Car Park, which is below St Mary's Church, Appledore.


There is a toilet on the ground floor of the Museum and there are two toilets adjacent to the Victorian Classroom with wheelchair access.



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