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Hobarts Funnies

Major General Percy Hobart

Hobart's Funnies were a number of unusually modified tanks operated during the Second World War by the United Kingdom's 79th Armoured Division or by specialists from the Royal Engineers.


They were designed in light of problems that more standard tanks experienced during the amphibious Dieppe Raid, so that the new models would be able to overcome the problems of the planned Invasion of Normandy. These tanks played a major part on the Commonwealth beaches during the landings. They were forerunners of the modern combat engineering vehicle and were named after their commander, Major General Percy Hobart.

Hobart Tank Path Maker

Here at the North Devon Maritime Museum Appledore we have extensive rarely seen footage of these funnies most of which were undertaken on beaches in the local area.


World War II

Discover the top secret experiments that took place in the estuary and along the North Devon coastline prior to the D Day landings in Northern France - including the Great Panjandrum, Swiss Roll, P.L.U.T.O., amphibious tanks and the first British 'Frogmen'.

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